Earlier today, a follower was wondering why our vote count for this years prediction is significantly less than last year. It’s a great question to ask, and we have two theories:

  1. Overall less people are sharing/posting their votes to Instagram and other social networks. 100 Warm Tunas has become well known over the last 2 years, which could be making people think twice before posting their votes to social media.

  2. Additionally, this year we have significantly improved our spam detection and duplicate elimination algorithm to ensure no vote (or person) is counted twice. We have excluded over 300 duplicate images, and have over 80 banned users.

The following graph visualises the difference between 2016, 2017 and now, 2018’s vote collection numbers:

With that being said, there are still 2 days for people to vote, and we do not stop collecting votes until Hottest 100 Day Eve, so there is still time to collect more data. It’s clear from the above graph that most of the collection occurs in the 3 days prior to the countdown.