Feature Announcement: Prediction Settings

100 Warm Tunas collects data from 5 mediums across 3 social networks:

  • Instagram Posts
  • Instagram DMs
  • Instagram Stories
  • Twitter Posts
  • Reddit Comments

Data from each medium helps us gather a large sample of vote entries in the hottest 100. However, different mediums and social networks generally bring some bias in the weighting of different songs being voted for.

Previously, 100 Warm Tunas provided an aggregate sum of all votes across all social mediums. It is now possible to control the social mediums to be included in the prediction, allowing you to fine-tune the prediction that you see.

To use this feature, visit the prediction page, scroll down to the results list, and click the settings button. A settings panel will appear, where you can toggle on and off different image types. The list will refresh automatically.

Settings Button Settings Panel
Controls Button
Controls Panel